Soccer Training Platform for Organizations

Are you managing multiple soccer teams across multiple age/skill groups in an organization (Club, School, or YMCA)?

  • Are you responsible for coaches and player training?
  • Is this just part of your role, besides recruiting and training coaches?
  • Does this process repeat itself each season?
  • Never enough time to complete things?
  • Not seeing the improvement you want?

MOTI Sports can help:

  • Set up a model team containing customizable session plans by practice date containing visual 3D training content by age/skill/gender level.
  • Establish digital teams for each of the coaches in your organization and copy the model team session plans to your coach's teams.
  • Onboard coaches & players to their own team containing by date complete session plans in practice date order.
  • Provide to your coaching staff and players a complete 3D visual training plan in their hands. (SportsEngine, TeamSnap integrations make this easy allowing a single sign-on)
  • Coaches are guided day by day through their season, via session plans you've customized with 3D visual practice activities/drills with all the proper coaching points at the correct time in player development.
  • Players are helped with Skill development that they can see visually in 3D and practice on their own time.


  • Coaches who want to, can engage their players by having them learn new training activities/drills by watching them in 3D, saving practice time and players get more involved in their training.
  • Provide analytics for the coach to monitor player using the system to encourage Skill development.
  • Provide players analytics in-a-fun-way to encourage skill development.
  • Provide yourself and your organizational management analytics to see that coaches are following a consistent training plan across an age/skill level, and knowing players are developing their skills at the proper time.
  • Simplify your workload year-after-year by providing more support to your coaches/players using the MOTI Sports platform & app, while fine-tuning plans as you go.
  • Increase retention of coaches; as they feel supported by you throughout the season.
  • Reduce parental complaints; knowing players are being trained using a consistent training plan across all the teams in an age/skill group.

Want to try this out?

  • For the Coach experience; Try our Free-to-Coach under Coach
  • For the Player experience; Try our Free-to-Play under Player

Contact Us now and we will set up a multi-team experience for you, for your season.


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